Monday, March 7, 2011

Beautiful Meditation

When winter digs deep into bone, it’s time for a two minute summer meditation.

Check your posture. Are you curved around like a question mark? Straighten up into an exclamation point. Let your shoulders relax down, allow your spine to lengthen, and lift up through the crown of your head. Now, start to visualize the sun shining through your window, suffusing you in a soft halo of warm energy. After you've read this, close your eyes and bathe in the warmth of summer. As you enjoy the feeling of the warm sun, let your arms and legs become warm and heavy and let your breathing become deep and relaxed, like a baby sleeping.

And that’s it… enjoy your trip to summer.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Spring Fever

In South Africa the frogs at the Lily Pad Hotel are in full croak on this early autumn evening while half the world away in upstate New York beneath the crystal swathe, frozen ice-cubes flicker in their spring dream of awakening. As the darkness folds into the southern hemisphere and the icicles melt into green meadows in the north, we remind ourselves that the earth is a living, changing being made of many different parts evolving together. As gravity binds us together, so do the strings of volition vibrate within every organism like a song, giving us free will to choose our actions. Whenever we make a choice to act, there is a change; because of the change from the choice, life begins to evolve in a new form. This is how we achieve immortality. Our actions create the world for our descendents.