Thursday, December 12, 2013

Rest in Peace, Madiba

Ag, it’s been a horrible week, you know.
I started mourning Madiba months ago: reading (trying often before and finally achieving) A Long Walk to Freedom; singing “Asimbonanga” a million times--but that song was already a part of my life a thousand years ago--and practicing my miserable mourning face—turns out, the turned down mouth is my natural wrinkle. 
Then came the relief, he’s free at last, at last. And then came the whole circus, and my mouth contorted with relief and joy and bemusement.
Relief that my precious hero, the man I wanted to meet more than Jesus but never did, is now resting in peace.  
Joyful about cheers for FW. I admit to loving him almost as much as Madiba. Big courage there after the finger man.
Joyful about the international attention. Concerned about the, well, modern dance interpretative signer and the flirty unseemly selfies.
And the boos for the present South Africa, the future? What does that mean?
Are we back to wondering about that whole Rubicon finger thing?
What now, hey?
I suppose I expected Madiba, blessed hero, to put the fun in funeral. He came close and he didn’t fail, but, as usual, I'm afraid, we all failed him.