Saturday, October 3, 2015

Scott's Delicious Beef Stew

Scott's Recipe for Beef Stew (figure out your own quantities of everything):

Go to Wegmans and buy stewing beef or chuck, fresh rosemary and other herbs, garlic, onions (one big one to chop and brown, and a few whole baby onions), baby potatoes (ones with different colors, if possible), organic carrots, parsnip, beef stock, red wine.

Slice beef into cubes.
Dredge meat in flour/salt/pepper and herbs.
Heat some oil in potjie, add sliced onions and caramelize them, add crushed garlic and cook gently for a minute or so.
Add meat, and brown gently on all sides.
Stir in rest of herbs/flour mixture, then add stock and wine.
Simmer on low flame for one hour, stirring every fifteen minutes.
Add sliced carrots and parsnip, whole baby onions and potatoes
Simmer with lid on for an hour. Check every now and then.
Before serving, check seasoning.
Serve with garlic bread and applesauce.

My Recipe for Scott's Beef Stew:

"Hey, love," I say, "it's getting chilly, let's have a stew tonight."
"Good idea," he says.
A few hours later he calls me for dinner. Beef stew served with garlic bread and applesauce. It really is the easiest thing to get him to make. And delicious!

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